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The Heart of Populism

Populism on the right has risen from the neglect of the values that uphold the market and lack of recognition of the market’s effect on our social values.

Populism on the left has risen from an unfulfilled promise of more democracy and then frustrating it with the administrative state, executive orders and judicial decrees.

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Identity Politics Goes Nuclear

These institutions were under full frontal assault in the Kavanaugh hearing.  In desperation to preserve their most cherished right they dropped all pretenses of loyalty to the institutions that protect all of our rights.  They are willing to sacrifice due process and the presumption of innocence to even the smallest threat to Roe v Wade.

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A Checklist of Priorities

Pragmatism is considered the antithesis of ideology but fails to recognize that it has become an ideology.  Ideological is not the same as dogmatic.  Ideology according to Goldberg is checklist of priorities. 

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