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The Nature of Knowledge

Levin observes that for the left it is forever 1965 and we are just one huge federal program away from supreme social justice. For the right it is forever 1981 and we are just one big tax cut away from economic nirvana. The conditions of 1965 or 1981 no longer exist.

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The Genius of Spontaneous Orders

Don Boudreaux in his excellent Cafe Hayek quotes from Matt Ridley’s The Evolution of Everything.  I consider this the best new book of the year followed by Yuval Levin’s The Fractured Republic. Ridley compares the spontaneous order of evolution with

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Stagnant Inertia

Six years from the Great Recession and the excuses for the tepid recovery are becoming worn.  This time is different- well it always is.  There may be an issue with structural changes that affect employment and wages, but this is

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A New Political Era

Yuval Levin in The Fractured Republic brings a new and illuminating framework to understanding our state of political affairs. Both parties are engaged in political nostalgia. The Democrats see the good old days as 1965 and the Great Society and

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