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Racial Hypocrisy

From AEI Jonah Goldberg highlights the left’s incredible hypocrisy on race in Liberals are playing a racial shell game: So: We live in a world where Bobby Jindal is a fake Indian, but it’s racist to say an older white

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The Entrepreneurial Deficit

In a couple of postings I have written on what seemed to be a bifurcated economy: publicly traded large firms and large private firms seem to be doing OK, but smaller privately held firms are not.  In my narrow window

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Restricting Judgment is a Poor Solution

Several conservative candidates have stressed the need for a balanced budget amendment.  I fear that it is a simplistic notion to a complex problem.  By forcing such a solution we strive to restrict the ability to make bad choices by

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Rethinking Economic Assumptions

Phillip Levy praises the new Nobel Laureates in economics, Tom Sargent and Chris Sims in The End of Comfortable Keynesianism, published in  The American – The Journal of the American Enterprise Institute. (now included in the Rebel Yid Links) Excerpts.

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