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Emulating Robespierre

“There is much to fault in the Trump presidency, but the totalitarian tendencies appear to flow from our own party. Its present presidential aspirants appear to be emulating Robespierre in their over-the-top denunciations of Mr. Trump and all others they deem unworthy.”

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The Path to Redemption

There are several Democratic voices struggling to get beyond the demonization, pathologizing, and other excuse mongering.  Such attacks only cause the Democrats to move further left and double down on the contempt for the voters that cost them so dearly. Ignoring reality avoids the pain of the loss, but offers no path to redemption.

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The Party of Contempt

From Ted Van Dyk at The Wall Street Journal, The Democrats’ Biggest Problem Is Cultural: Political scientist V.O. Key famously observed that “the voters are not fools.” Millions of them, including traditional Democrats, driven by anger and frustration, abandoned their political

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A Culture of Contempt

From Ted Van Dyk at The Wall Street Journal, The Democrats’ Biggest Problem Is Cultural: The Democratic voter exodus began in 1968 when millions of traditional blue-collar and middle-income voters moved to Republican Richard Nixon or third-party candidate George Wallace,

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