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Victims of Their Own Success – Election Night 2018 11 06

Trump is puzzling; his errant tone and behavior has energized his base and his opposition. I do not believe that he is racist or the next Hitler, but his thoughtless comments certainly gives fodder to those that require a demon to define themselves. The real question is how it impacts the independents. The uncivil mob behavior of the left concerns many of the independents more than the thoughtless comments of Trump.

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The Cruz Option

from Kevin Williamson at National Review,  Apartment Fires and Health Insurance The problem for health insurance is the same as the problem for condominium sprinklers: The benefits are desirable, but they are not free, and many people, given a choice,…

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In Search of Better Masters

From Daniel Greenfield at Sultan Knish, The Right to Be Better People: Free people fight for independence. But the left’s revolutions are struggles for tyranny. They protest for better masters. They violently agitate for rulers who will run their lives…

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Losing the Soft Republicans

I would describe my voting pattern as a soft Republican. For most of my life I have tolerated objectionable segments of the GOP. I have never felt comfortable with the evangelical movement and their ethnocentrism even after they shifted to…

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Political Thoughts 2016 02 09

Worth noting: Cruz stood against the ethanol special interest and still won Iowa. Rubio was smoked by Christy for sounding simplistic and scripted. But I remember a 45 minute unscripted interview from the Miami Herald in 2010 when he was…

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The Rollout Reader

Comments on the disastrous health care roll out. Delaying from Behind by James Taranto at the WSJ Our younger readers–those who were born yesterday–may not remember when delaying ObamaCare was considered a wild idea, its exponents limited to crazy right-wing terrorists. Times have…

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