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The Threat of Revolutionary Justice

Threats to intimidate and undermine our legal institutions is no different from undermining our electoral institutions.  Systemic racism and CRT and all of their iterations seek to undermine these critical institutions.  Social justice is a poor substitute for real justice, and can easily become its opposite.

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The Trouble With Narratives

As Mr. Scott put it, “It’s wrong to try to use our painful past to dishonestly shut down debates in the present.” But this is precisely what narratives do—and in fact are meant to do.

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Genuine Insight on Race

“Genuine insight generally doesn’t make you angry and anxious. It makes you smile, and generates gratitude.”

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Effortless Contrition

Virtue Signaling is an effortless act of contrition that empowers a mob to act more like a mob. Real solutions require thinking, listening and effort; not threats, intimidation and scapegoating.  Systemic racism and white guilt is just a way to avoid accountability, using a narrative as a scapegoat.  

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