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The Publication Bias

From The Truth Wears Off by Jonah Lehrer in The New Yorker: An excellent article on the publication bias- keep in mind that in order to be peer reviewed it has to be published- although up to a third of…

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Mentality of Religious Fanaticism

From Matt Ridley and Benny Peiser  at The Wall Street Journal, Your Complete Guide to the Climate Debate; To put it bluntly, climate change and its likely impact are proving slower and less harmful than we feared, while decarbonization of the…

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The Illusion of Scientific Omniscience

from The WSJ, Scientific Fraud and Politics excerpt: Similar bias contaminates inquiries across the social sciences, which often seem to exist so liberals can claim that “studies show” some political assertion to be empirical. Thus they can recast stubborn political…

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Cocooned from Independent Thought

From National Review Matthew Continetti writes Liberalism is a Hoax. Excerpts: What are the apocalyptic predictions of climate alarmists but Sorelian myths intended to shape legislation, regulation, and the culture in the radicals’ favor? To merely profess agnosticism on the subject of global warming is…

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Reading Meaning into Nature

The real risks of cherry picking scientific data by Matt Ridley and his blog The Rational Optimist Excerpt: The Tamiflu tale is that some years ago the pharmaceutical company Roche produced evidence that persuaded the World Health Organisation that Tamiflu was effective…

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Science- The Method vs The Institution

From Faith in Science by Glenn Reynolds in the New York Post: Excerpts: In fact, given that Americans have grown broadly more skeptical of institutions in general, it’s not surprising that conservatives are more skeptical of scientific institutions than they…

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