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Post Holocaust Anti-Semitism

Jeff Jacoby writes in the Boston Globe, Amid Holocaust remembrance, antisemitism adapts and thrives. Excerpt: Where anti-Semitism is gaining market share today is not among those who yell “Heil Hitler” or demonize Jews as Christ-killers. The oldest and most protean

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Why Is This Hatred Different from All Other Hatreds?

by Henry Oliner The commemoration of the holocaust during Yom Hashoah tries to understand a tragedy that defies human comprehension. Some organizations proposing to fight anti-Semitism tend to descend into the mission creep of fighting hatred in general. It is

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Shoah Semantics

In a footnote in his new book “Saving Israel” author Daniel Gordis notes why he uses the word “Shoah” as opposed to the more common “Holocaust.” In Hebrew “Shoah” means “calamity”. “Holocaust” is an English word that means “burnt offering”

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