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In the Secular World Saviours Dissappoint

From Thomas Sowell, Do Emotions Trump Facts? However puzzling the fervent support for Donald Trump may be today, given how little basis there is for it, such blind faith is not unique in history. Other dire or desperate times have

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A History of Flawed Intelligence

Though the intelligence failures surrounding Iraq are now well known, recent history is abundant with examples of flawed intelligence that have affected key national security decisions and contingency planning.  They include, for example: the poor quality of the intelligence gathered

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Democracy is Secondary

As we try to predict what the outcome will be in Egypt we tend to compare it to the last similar conflict, which many think is Iran. But the mistake in Iran began in 1953 when Mohammad Mosaddegh, a democratically

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One Week. Fifty Four Years Ago

A Book Review All The Shah’s Men by Stephen Kinzer In 1953 the United States made a momentous decision. Partially out of legitimate fear of a possible Russian takeover of the valuable Iranian Oil field, and partly as a result

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