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Ending Partisan Vengence

“But we must not imitate and escalate what we repudiate. Our duty is to govern for the public good. The United States Senate has a higher calling than an endless spiral of partisan vengeance.”

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Their Last Worst Act

Nancy Pelosi remains as viscerally objectionable today as she was then. Only today she is joined by Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Ortessa-Cortez, Cory ‘Spartacus’ Booker, Maxine Waters, Bernie Sanders, and now Diane Feinstein. I used to consider Ms. Feinstein a class above the rest of this crowd but she humiliated herself in the Kavanaugh debacle. We are remembered by our last worst act.

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Meet Ben Sasse

An excerpt ran in the Wall Street Journal: Ben Sasse on the Senate   From Sen. Ben Sasse’smaiden speech on the Senate floor, Nov. 3: I’m home basically every weekend, and what I hear—and what I’m sure most of you hear—is some…

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Intrade Has Republicans Taking Senate

Intrade is now giving slight odds that the Republicans will take the Senate.  (51.1)   Intrade gives strong odds (75) that the Republicans will take the House.

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Byrd on Reconciliation

from American Thinker March 10, 2010 Reconciliation and the Senate Bill By Marilyn M. Barnewall excerpt: Using reconciliation to ram through complicated, far-reaching legislation is an abuse of the budget process.  The writers of the Budget Act, and I am…

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So Much for Bipartisanship

Much was made of Olympia Snowe being the sole Republican to sign on to the Senate health care bill. Harry Reid has emerged from a closed door session with a health care bill WITH a public option despite the Senate…

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