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Trump ‘Splaining

But beneath these divisions and changes noted by Zito and Todd was a greater difference about their relation to the state. Few voters get into the weeds of political philosophy when they vote, and Trump certainly wasted no time on it, but the voters sensed that constitutional rights were being whittled away by a state that pretended to know what was better for them. The basic civic culture that had survived cycles of progressivism was eroding. Differences of opinion became hate speech; due process was sacrificed to social justice.

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Layers of New Trump Voters

Most of the people she interviews voted for Obama twice and then switched to Trump. Often by wide margins. In Lee County, Iowa Obama won with a 16 point margin in 2012. Trump won with the same margin in 2016.

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The Other Educated

The critical difference was not their college degree, but whether they hung out mostly with other college educated. This suggest peer pressure had a greater effect on urban college educated potential Trump voters. It also suggests that many Trump voters may have been embarrassed to give their true opinions to fellow workers or pollsters.

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Gun Girls

Guns were considered more important to female empowerment than vagina suits.

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Social Media and Our Political Divide

from Selena Zito,  Judgey about the way people dress? You’re killing America Spend one hour in the mile-long factory, which is sited to take advantage of both the region’s rich clay soil, perfect for making ceramics, and the skills passed on…

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Generation Z

from Selena Zito,  Why the generation after millennials will vote Republican “They are not as impressed with fame — celebrities, athletes, politicians — as are their predecessors, since fame in their lifetime has become rather easy to obtain with social media…

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