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Scientific Agnosticism

Science was not a strong subject for me and I am certainly not qualified to pass judgment on the hard data and the cases for or against anthropomorphic (man-made) global warming.  Yet I also realize that most of the pundits…

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From Wall Street to Copenhagen

Science is a realm of discovery, skepticism, understanding, confirmation and challenge. But throughout history science has been polluted by political considerations.  In the Middle Ages the church considered any theory of the universe without the earth at the center heresy.…

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Notes on The Global Warming Contest

When climatologists such as John Coleman debunk AGW, the believers contest that he is not the right kind of scientist to dispute the “science”.  He is after all “just a weatherman”. Al Gore is certainly no scientist and has less…

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Respecting Skeptics

It is hard not to gloat and feel some sense of relief at the release of the climate-gate e-mails. The most bothersome aspect of the global warming mongers was the certainty.  I have no scientific back ground, but the idea…

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