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Sharp Decline in Historical Consciousness

From The Transformation of Economics by Richard Vedder in The Wall Street Journal: Economics as ideology in camouflage. Economists who achieve fame for genuine intellectual insights, like Paul Krugman, sometimes then morph into ideologues—predominantly although not exclusively on the left. The leftish domination…

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Growth Trumps Equality

In the Wall Street Journal by Stephen Moore and Richard Vedder, The Blue-State Path to Inequality excerpts: The income gap between rich and poor tends to be wider in blue states than in red states. Our state-by-state analysis finds that…

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The Benefits Trap

In the Wall Street Journal Richard Vedder writes The Wages of Unemployment, 1/15/13. Excerpts: The sharp rise in food-stamp beneficiaries predated the financial crisis of 2008: From 2000 to 2007, the number of beneficiaries rose from 17.1 million to 26.3…

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Promoting Unemployment

Richard Vedder writes in the Wall Street Journal The Wages of Unemploymewnt, 1/15/12. Excerpts: Compare 2010 with October 2012, the last month for which food-stamp data have been reported. The unemployment rate fell to 7.8% from 9.6%, and real GDP…

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