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HKO Observations 2018 04 19

The patronage and influence of the first Progressive Era has only morphed into lobbyists and regulatory capture. But the real threat is the control they exert on government or the democratic process. 

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Ignore the Tweets

“What if American reporters began by ignoring Mr. Trump’s tweets, treating them as no more than the belches and embarrassing flatulence of an incurably dyspeptic man?”

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The Constitutional Presumption of Error

Don Boudreaux expands on a quote from Richard Epstein and the core conflict between the Constitution and Progressivism Epstein goes on to show that what he calls “a presumption of error” – that is, a wise presumption that individuals exercising

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Ignorant of Rudimentary Economics

From Defining Ideas from the Hoover Journal, Obama’s Middle Class Malaise, by Richard Epstein: excerpts: The President, who has never worked a day in the private sector, has no systematic view of the way in which businesses operate or economies

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