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Categories vs. Flesh and Blood People

“Perhaps the most fertile source of misunderstandings about incomes has been the widespread practice of confusing statistical categories with flesh-and-blood human beings. Many statements have been made in the media and in academia, claiming that the rich are gaining not…

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The Class Warfare Dilemma

Randall Hoven writes in American Thinker, Class Warriors Got What They Wished For that the Class Warriors have created a great contradiction;¬† they wish both for a more progressive tax system and for less income disparity or fewer wealthy. Yet…

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Are We Progressive Enough Yet?

The percentage of taxes paid by the top 1% now exceeds the percentage paid by the bottom 95%. This increase in progressiveness happened under¬† George Bush. The top 1% are made of 1.4 million taxpayers and pay 40.4% of all…

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