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Krugman’s Selective Nostalgia

In The New York Times, Nobel prize winner Paul Krugman writes theTwinkie Manifesto, 11/18/12. In the article Krugman noted how we had strong economic growth in the 1950’s even with much higher tax rates and much stronger trade unions. But

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Demonizing Skepticism

In American Thinker Randall Hoven writes Science for Stupid Idiots, 9/22/11. Excerpts: we get to why we must believe “science,” meaning taking whatever “scientists” say is incontrovertible truth.  If we start having doubts about any of it, we just might

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The Class Warfare Dilemma

Randall Hoven writes in American Thinker, Class Warriors Got What They Wished For that the Class Warriors have created a great contradiction;  they wish both for a more progressive tax system and for less income disparity or fewer wealthy. Yet

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An Incredible Job Shift

This has become one of my favorite features on one of my favorite sites. Randall Hoven’s Graph of the Day at American Thinker Hoven notes: In ther last decade we have LOST 1,489,000 jobs in the private sector (non farm)

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Who is Greedy?

From Randall Hoven at American Thinker Graph of the Day December 24,2009

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A Call to Abandon the Jewish Vote

Randall Hoven noted in American Thinker that according to a recent Commentary article Obama got 75% of the Jewish vote. This is a greater portion than Kerry got and about the same that Gore received with a Jewish running mate

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