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Grace vs Arrogance

  From Townhall, Trump and the Myth of Immigrant Crime by Steve Chapman: Excerpt: Sampson thinks it is no coincidence that crime rates nationwide have plunged over the past two decades just as immigrants, authorized and unauthorized, were arriving in…

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Top Down Populism

Salena Zito at Real Clear Politics writes Elizabeth Warren Is No ‘Populist’ Populism does not start at the top and work its way down to people; it works from the people up. And it is rarely embodied by the far…

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The Politics of Nostalgia

William Galston writes Populism Rises on a Wave of Frustration in The Wall Street Journal excerpts: Populism offers many satisfactions. Its narrative is clear and easy to understand. It identifies villains—corrupt officials, unresponsive bureaucracies, arrogant elites, large corporations, giant banks,…

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