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Bulgarian Blue Jeans

The free market is not a creed or an ideology that political conservatives, libertarians, and Ayn Rand acolytes want Americans take on faith.  The free market is simply a measurement.  The free market tells us what people are willing to pay

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Fried Politics

Politics can’t save us.  Politics is the idea that society’s ills can be cured politically.  This is a cookbook where the recipe for everything is to fry it. The fruit cocktail is fried. The salad is fried. So is the

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Voting for Mom

Whether we think politics is a bother or whether we are full of great expectations about all the good things politics tries to do, we have to scale back the scope of politics.  Otherwise no good things will be accomplished.

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Something for Nothing

“Politicians have  trouble giving up the idea of something for nothing; it’s such a sweet vote catcher. A government can give most people something for nothing by taxing the few people with money. This is how Sweden has gotten into

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O’Rourke on Inflation

“A government can give all the people something for nothing by simply printing more money.  This doesn’t work, because it makes all the money worth less, as it did in Weimer Germany, Carter America, and Yeltsin Russia.  Inflation is a

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The Tenth Commandment and Politics

” The first Nine Commandments concern theological principles and social law. But then , right at the end, is “Don’t envy your buddy’s cow.”  How did that make the top ten? What’s it doing there? Why would God, with just

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