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A Very Inconvenient Truth About Taxes

Phil Gramm and Steve McMillan note the irony of the call for more “fairness”in their article in the Wall Street Journal, The Real Causes of Income Inequality, 4/6/12. Excerpt: Nowhere is the political debate over income inequality more detached from reality

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Falling Through the Financial Cracks

When those who point fingers seek blame for the financial crisis of 2008 (we are yet to have an official historical name for this disaster) the common refrain is deregulation of the financial industry, but some examination seems to be

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Does Government Stifle the American Spirit?

So I am lucky to catch a debate on Bloomberg on the topic “Does government stifle the American Spirit?” On the side taking the affirmative (that government does in fact stifle the American Spirit) is my favorite economist, Arthur Laffer,

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