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Hard Headed and Soft Hearted

from the Remnant Podcast Episode 14
Jonah Goldberg and Arthur Brooks
The ideal quadrant for Brooks is to be heard headed and soft hearted. Seek policies to help the unfortunate, but be realistic that work is important, long term dependency is soul stifling, and perverse incentives make the problem worse.  Articulate limits, stop demagoguery, and be realistic about human nature. 

As Paul Ryan said, “Don’t let the safety net become a hammock.”

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Biden’s Best Moment

For most of the vice presidential debate Joe Biden was contemptuous, rude, disrespectful, and often wrong on the facts and assessments. But he had one great moment. Both candidates are Catholic.  The moderator, Martha Raddatz, asked both candidates about their

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Political Thoughts 2012 08 11

Ryan is a great choice.  Good VP picks may not have a history of helping candidates, but bad VP picks at this stage could certainly hurt the campaign. Romney has three opportunities to overtake Obama.  The first is the selection

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Turning the Safety Net into a Hammock

The attempt to pursue social justice by political means is not a new idea. It is the centerpiece of political philosophy for over two centuries.  Even the classical liberals who acknowledged the equal importance of economic liberty along with our

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Political Notes 2012 01 09

I still contend that merely ‘going negative’ does not work.  Newt is not dropping because Mitt went negative; he is dropping because of his own comments that sound extreme.  Cain did not drop because of his accusations of sexual misconduct;

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Central Planning for Happiness

Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan writes a book review on Jeffrey Sachs’ The Price of Civilization in the Wall Street Journal , America’s Enduring Ideal, October 1, 2011.  (The full article may only be available to subscribers which I strongly encourage.)

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Random Political Thoughts 2011 08 17

We want to believe we can have it all without the sacrifice. When the laws of nature reassert themselves, we want to blame the charlatans who sold the snake oil rather than the fools who believed them.

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