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Acid Pragmagtism

“By pragmatism’s own metaphors, their philosophy is like an acid that dissolves dogmas. The problem with acid is that it never knows when to stop burning. That’s why liberals are constantly discovering new crises that require more government solutions. Suggesting to activist liberals that maybe some day they could just go home and get a real job elicits nothing but bewilderment or rage when you bring it up.”

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The Stability of Minority Rights

“The modern undergraduate assigned The Federalist Papers usually makes the reasonable assumption that faction is dangerous because political fragmentation and contentiousness are to be avoided. The real point of Federalist 10 is counterintuitive: Republicanism is imperiled when society is not…

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Qualitative Liberalism

From Never Enough by William Voegeli “The broader social problem was that the alleviation of poverty, whether from government programs or the advance of capitalism, had liberated people to pursue private goals, which, though not necessarily antisocial, were apt to be asocial…

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How FDR Deformed Liberalism

From Never Enough by William Voegeli “According to Sidney Milkis, “FDR’s deft reinterpretation of the American constitutional tradition” gave “legitimacy to progressive principles by embedding them in the language of constitutionalism and interpreting them as an expansion rather than a subversion of…

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To Suffer Together

  From Never Enough by William Voegeli “Etymologically, “compassion” means to suffer together. “Together,” however, is different from “identically.” Compassion is not the same as selflessness, and not really the opposite of selfishness. Rather, it provides a basis for helping…

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