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Origin of ‘Neoconservative’

from Word Games by Kevin Williamson in National Review “Neoconservative” was first brought to popular usage in the American context by left-wing intellectuals (the socialist Michael Harrington most prominent among them) to describe the thinking of a few critics of…

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The Neocon Persuation

from Jonah Goldberg from National Review, The Term ‘Neocon’ Has Run Its Course At first, neocons weren’t particularly associated with foreign policy. They were intellectuals disillusioned by the folly of the Great Society. As Irving Kristol famously put it, a…

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Conspiracy Theories

Mistakes are undramatic. We all make them, but many would prefer the drama of sinister motives and conspiracy theories  to the realities of bad judgment and human error. It makes for better headlines and fodder for book titles. Conspiracy theories…

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