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A Necessary Evil or a Necessary Good

From Jonah Goldberg in The National Review Online, Father Knows Best: The president’s more intellectually honest defenders have said exactly that. “Vast swathes of policy are based on the correct presumption that people don’t know what’s best for them. Nothing

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Cowardly Irresponsible

Charles Cook writes in National Review Online  The Single-Payer Fantasy. Excerpt: Reassuring as this tale might be to those who are worriedly surveying the damage that Healthcare.gov has wrought upon their project, it remains self-evidently absurd. Obamacare was passed into

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Worse than Apartheid

Kevin Williams in National Review,  A Shocking Number: Fifty years into the Democrats’ declaration of a war on poverty and President Kennedy’s first executive order for affirmative action, while spending $300 million a year onworthless diversity workshops and singing endless verses

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The Rollout Reader

Comments on the disastrous health care roll out. Delaying from Behind by James Taranto at the WSJ Our younger readers–those who were born yesterday–may not remember when delaying ObamaCare was considered a wild idea, its exponents limited to crazy right-wing terrorists. Times have

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Political Subversion of Language

Charles Cooke writes When Words lose their Meaning in National Review Online, 12/13/12: Excerpts: The two key taxonomical terms that we use in American political life are largely meaningless. Whether it is a case of thought corrupting language or language

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