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Stifling Inflation and Productivity

From The Reasons Behind the Obama Non-Recovery by Robert Barro in The Wall Street Journal The main U.S. policy used to counter the Great Recession was increased government transfer payments. Federal social benefits to persons as a ratio to GDP

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Creating Zombie Businesses

from John Mauldin’s Thoughts from the Frontline excerpts: By encouraging a reach for yield in riskier investments because interest rates are abnormally low, the Fed has created an environment in which far more risk is being taken than is normal and

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Trickle Down Monetary Policy

From John Mauldin in his blog, Mauldin Economics, Where is the Growth? Government is necessary to the extent that we need to maintain a level playing field and proper conduct, but with the recognition that wherever government is involved there are costs

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A Victim of Our Own Success

Monetary policy seeks to promote economic growth through the proper management of the currency. The trick is to create enough money to provide growth without losing control of inflation. This is no small task. We are a nation addicted to

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A Catch 22 Economy

Interest rates and inflation are at a record low, yet stimulus spending has flooded the markets with currency.  The valve that turns money creation into inflation is velocity. The velocity is very low because businesses are reluctant to invest and

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We are all economists now

To say that economics is about money is like saying art is about color.  Money is a critical element, but it explains very little about the discipline. Many laymen confuse economics with finance. While the subjects substantially overlap, our recent

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