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Eisenhower- A Better GOP Role Model

Excerpt from Modern Times on Eisenhower: “Eisenhower concealed his gifts and activities because he thought it essential that the autocratic leadership, which he recognized both America and the world needed, should be exercised by stealth. He had three quite clear…

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Paranoid Explanations of Human Behavior

A few excerpts from Paul Johnson’s Modern Times, The World from the Twenties to the Nineties: “History shows us the truly amazing extent to which intelligent, well-informed and resolute men, in the pursuit of economy or in altruistic passion for…

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The Origins of the League of Nations

The common belief in our history is that President Woodrow Wilson championed the concept of the League of Nations and it failed at the hands of his Republican adversaries who leaned toward isolationism.  Historian Paul Johnson in his history of…

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