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Hebron, Shiloh, and Bethlehem

During one of Menachem Begin’s initial meetings with Jimmy Carter, the subject of Israeli settlements in the West Bank inevitably arose and it was a major sticking point in their relationship. He (Begin) took out a piece of paper from

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Sixty Seconds Over Baghdad

On June 7, 1981 four Israeli F-16 jets took off for their secret mission known as Operation Opera, also called Operation Babylon.  They flew almost 600 miles at ground level to avoid radar detection from the Jordanians, Saudis, and the

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The Right to Exist

Menachem Begin’s election over Shimon Peres was a pivotal point in Israeli politics, the first time the Labor Party faced defeat. From his days with the Irgun, Begin was deemed an intransigent radical.  To many he was an obstacle to

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