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Blinded by Bailouts

“In truth, markets had been trying to work since 1984, with Continental Illinois, desperately sending signals that the modern financial system was shot through with untenable risks that required a renewal of long-held regulatory principles. But government bailouts thwarted real…

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Understanding the Meltdown

(this was published previously in the Macon Telegraph) Being in the middle of a record economic crisis presents a rare learning opportunity.  Several books are worthwhile for those seeking to understand what just happened. Too Big to Fail by Andrew…

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Left Handed Optimism

Sometimes optimism and contrarianism can complement each other.   Here is a thought. The health care bill is so unpopular and causing such outrage that other damaging proposals like the Union Card Check bill and Cap and Trade may have no…

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Should We Now Cancel the Stimulus ?

The stock market has risen over 40% from the March lows.  While the administration is sure to take credit for the market, they should do so cautiously.  Since only a very small part of the stimulus package has been spent,…

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