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Oligarchical Solialism

“The technocratic future is already upon us. And it has little need for the labor of the lower classes—or the messiness of democracy. These same people have amassed the power to control and disseminate information far more subtly and efficiently than Mussolini, Hitler, or Stalin.”

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The Information Oligarchy

“..the biggest problem with having the flow of information so tightly concentrated in the hands of so few is not that it allows posts from hate groups or divisive political operatives or skinny teenagers. It’s that a tiny handful of oligarchs are dictating what is knowable, or what views are valid.”

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Turning Luxuries into Common Goods

from The Washington Post George Will writes How income inequality benefits everybody excerpts: The ranks of billionaires are constantly churned. Most of the people on the original Forbes 400 list of richest Americans in 1982 were off the list in 2013. Mark

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The War on the Middle Class

Victor Davis Hanson writes in National Review, Plutocratic Populism Pays In mid-October, Hillary Clinton gave a short lecture at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas bewailing the crushing costs of a university education. “Higher education,” Clinton thundered, “shouldn’t be

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Dependent On Our Demons

The Facebook Deficit, an editorial in the Wall Street Journal, is an example of the problem with depending on the wealthy to finance the redistributionist state. Who’s the biggest loser in the Facebook stock meltdown? Next to founder Mark Zuckerberg

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Consumers are Forgotten in the Class War

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Sergi Brin of Google both became very young billionaires from the companies they created. Yet hundreds of millions of consumers benefitted by getting incredible products for free. When we participate in the class warfare we

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