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Why Has Inflation Not Followed Our Debt?

But these explanations leave me uneasy. Without the pain of excessive government debt is there ever an end to it? It seems doubtful that scarcity has been erased from economic reality. The absence of short-term firewalls has historically led to large reconciliations, and it just seems immoral to spend more that you can pay for. In 50 years gold has risen from $35 to $1517.99 an ounce (1/1/20), does anybody care? The dollar is strong, and the American economy is performing better than any other in the world, even if that only provides a low bar.

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Failure to Accept Victory

by Henry Oliner The first Progressive Era from Teddy Roosevelt through Woodrow Wilson established the regulatory and administrative state and changed the nature of our government. It was tainted by an elitist view of race that used the science of…

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The Birth and Reaction to Social Engineering

From The Washington Free Beacon, Matthew Continetti writes Crisis of the Conservative Intellectual.  This is an excellent summary of the history of the conservative movement in American Politics, and should be read in its entirety. The 1964 election also empowered…

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The Inevitable Failure of Political Solutions

From the Editors of National Review, The Fifty Year War. Excerpts: Trillions of dollars have been spent, and the number of Americans living in poverty is higher today than it was in 1964, while the poverty rate has held steady…

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How to Make a Problem Worse

As a result of the depressed economy the difference in income between whites and minorities have widened. While the most shrill will find this to be clear testament to the inherent racism in the GOP, the reality is that both…

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The Limits of Intelligence

Much has been said of Obama’s intelligence. Oprah said he is brilliant. While he appears an intelligent politician and a personal class act, much more is required for the office he is seeking. Kennedy was surrounded with some of the…

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