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The Old New Deal

“Regardless, measured against the intended point of the New Deal—getting us out of the Great Depression—the New Deal was a failure. Indeed, many people—I’m one of them—would argue that the New Deal prolonged the Great Depression. But while the New Deal was a policy failure, it was a huge political success.”

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Internet Sales Tax Ruling

Many small businesses that ship online will be hurt by this ruling. Complying with the tax codes for 48 states that charge sales tax will be crippling for many of them.  There will be a need for a third party to manage the sales tax issue for thousands of small online businesses. This will likely serve to make Amazon and other large online retailers bigger and more powerful in the internet sales arena. 

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Logic vs Partisanship

As much as we could wish otherwise the courts do often seem to vote in a political manner.  The president’s power to appoint justices for life has impact far beyond his term in office. The SCOTUS review of Obama Care

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The Triumph of Hope over Experience

Michael Tanner writes in the National Review Online, Contested Ground, Not Common Ground. (1/26/11) Excerpts: In calling for more government action, the president’s attitude reminds one of Samuel Johnson’s description of second marriages: the triumph of hope over experience. As

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A Wasteful System

“Nothing could be more repugnant to (Woodrow) Wilson and (Louis) Brandeis than the idea of accepting the great trusts and then using government to regulate them. To the evil of monopoly would be added the evil of big government controlling

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