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The Enemy of Good Government

from Kevin Williamson, It’s Time to Do Nothing about Guns But our passions can run away with us, especially in politics. Politics is not about policy: Politics is about tribe. Turn on Thom Hartmann’s radio program some time and, if you…

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Gary Johnson

The Freedom Fest in Las Vegas is a gathering of investment libertarian interests assembled by investment adviser and PhD Economist Mark Skousen. The participants and speakers range from typical conservatives to a group I refer to as the liberty geeks…

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Political Inactivism

Kevin Williamson is probably one of the most excerpted writers on Rebel Yid.  I was fortunate to meet him lat year at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas. He has a creative and unconventional way of viewing the great debates. He…

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Boycotting Las Vegas

Apparently there is a problem in Las Vegas with cabbies intentionally taking long routes in order to overcharge.  This article explains  the various Rube Goldberg schemes the government has regulated to try and control this practice. As you would expect,…

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The End of the Chinese Decade

During the 1970’s the sudden and enormous wealth of the Arab World as a result of the oil cartel OPEC, made everyone think they would rule the world. Raising oil prices as a result of the US aid to Israel…

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