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The Electoral College Reader

From Jeff Jacoby, In Defense of the Electoral College: It’s easy to score rhetorical points by claiming smugly that “the people chose Hillary Clinton,” but the American method of choosing a president has been in place for two centuries. The…

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Churchill’s Road to Serfdom

From National Review, Lion to the Last by Larry Arnn: Excerpts: In June 1945, a month after the Germans’ surrender, with the general-election campaign under way, Winston Churchill gave a 21-minute speech by radio. He was 70 years old. To the shock…

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Natural, Rare and Necessary

From National Review, Lion to the Last by Larry Arnn: Excerpts: Churchill agreed with the socialists, partially, on one issue: He helped invent the social safety net. But he looked for ways to implement it without threatening the free-market system,…

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