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The Hong Kong Experiment

He avoided the accumulation of economic data, believing the cost of accumulating outweighed its value. He felt such data was used to enable economic planning which he opposed, and because it instilled a false sense of certainty about outcomes.  Cowperthwaite governed from principles, not data.

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The Myth of Laissez Faire

The quasi-governmental institutions Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guaranteed  mortgages, which Wall Street happily securitized once the credit rating agencies- which had been given a legally protected oligopoly by the government-declared them to be safe investments.  Government owned banks and

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“Laissez-nous Faire!”

Adam Summers from the Reason Foundation writes in the Wall Street Journal, “Ayn Rand and the Economic Crisis”.  Read the entire article here. Adam shares Rand’s thoughts on the economic crisis of 1962. She cast suspicion on both the motives

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