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Political Inactivism

Kevin Williamson is probably one of the most excerpted writers on Rebel Yid.  I was fortunate to meet him lat year at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas. He has a creative and unconventional way of viewing the great debates. He

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Distrusting Democracy

from the Wall Street Journal, George Melloan’s Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy 2.0 Ms. Mayer is highly selective about which super-wealthy dabblers in politics she wants to expel. Warren Buffett, whose $62 billion fortune ranks second only to that of Bill Gates($76 billion), is not

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Shaming the Kennedy Legacy

from The National Review Larry Kudlow writes None Can Call it Treason excerpts: A couple of weeks ago at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, several hundred people went to their feet to applaud a speech delivered by David H. Koch.

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Is Big Money in Politics Necessarily a Bad Thing?

from The Wall Street Journal, Book Review: ‘Sons of Wichita’ by Daniel Schulman & ‘Big Money’ by Kenneth P. Vogel– review by Barton Swaim excerpt: Whatever else Mr. Vogel’s book proves, “Big Money” makes clear that this influx of mega-cash

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The Other Kochs

Matthew Continetti writes in The National Review Online Oligarchy in the 21st Century Excerpts: If the business editors of the Times were aware of the irony of lamenting the political influence of great wealth on one half of their page while handling

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Koch Derangement Syndrome

From James Taranto at the Wall Street Journal, Speak of the Devil: On the ridiculous side, the Washington Free Beacon reports on an anti-Koch protest over the weekend staged by a pair of unions, the New York State Nurses Association and the

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