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Policy Matters

From Kimberly Strassel at The Wall Street Journal,   Here’s What Really Happened to Hillary Mr. Sanders was an unexpected force in the primary, though mostly because he wasn’t Hillary. Sanders supporters resent this argument, and claim the only reason his…

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Sanctimonious Abuse of Power

from Kimberly Strassel at the WSJ, Comey’s Secret Power: Mr. Comey’s meddling has never seemed to stem from some hidden partisan impulse, but rather from an overweening self-righteousness. But power can be misused as much in the hands of the…

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The Rejection Election

from Kimberly Strassel in The WSJ, Trump’s Secret Weapon:Obama  All along this election has been portrayed as a referendum on Mr. Trump. Tuesday’s results are far better viewed as a thundering repudiation, at every level, of Mr. Obama’s governing and…

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The Ethics of the Clinton Foundation

from The Wall Street Journal, The Clinton Foundation Super PAC by Kimberley Strassel: With the news this week that Mrs. Clinton—the would-be occupant of the White House—is landing tens of millions from foreign governments for her shop, it’s long past…

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