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Belief is Not Justice

If there was ever a case to be made that politics has replaced religion as the preferred faith of the left it is the use of the word ‘believe’ in determining legal liability. They believe because they want to believe.  They want to believe the opposition is so sinister and evil that no evidence is required.

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“Richard Nixon, eat your heart out”

from the Wall Street Journal, The ObamaCare-IRS Nexus, The supposedly independent agency harassed the administration’s political opponents and saved its health-care law, by Kimberly Strassel excerpt: To summarize: The IRS (famed for nitpicking and prosecuting the tax law), chose to authorize

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Going Newt

Newt may be intelligent, but he is not smart. His recent attack on Romney’s tenure at Bain capital is an embarrassment to his party. A survey at conservative National Review shows 80% of the readers thought Newt’s attack was disgraceful.  It either

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