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A Catch 22 Economy

Interest rates and inflation are at a record low, yet stimulus spending has flooded the markets with currency.  The valve that turns money creation into inflation is velocity. The velocity is very low because businesses are reluctant to invest and

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The Great Debate Part III

More from  Roy Fickling in response to a debate that centers on promoting economic growth verses a more fair and even distribution of wealth.  For a bit about Roy’s experience see The Great Debate  Part I Let’s take socialism to

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The Nail in Kennedy’s Coffin

The race in Massachusetts is stunning.  If Democrat Coakley is unable to beat Republican Brown in the bluest of blue states, then any Democrat is vulnerable. Just the fact that this race is close  should be a startling wakeup call

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The Limits of Intelligence

Much has been said of Obama’s intelligence. Oprah said he is brilliant. While he appears an intelligent politician and a personal class act, much more is required for the office he is seeking. Kennedy was surrounded with some of the

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