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A Platform of Contempt

You do not have to outrun the tiger; you only need to outrun the other campers.  Voters can acknowledge Trump’s imperfections while still preferring his results to the political correctness, campus illiberalism, outrage, whining intolerance, contempt, and swamp mentality of the left.  As long as they blame others for Trump’s victory they will remain stuck on stupid.

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Banana Democrats

from Karl Rove in the Wall Street Journal,  The Democrats’ Impeachment Mania By asserting a president should be removed from office over policy differences, Mr. Steyer has done more than trivialize impeachment. He helps move America closer to the tyranny Mr.…

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Ratcheting Obstructionism

from Karl Rove in The Wall Street Journal, A Preview of Obama’s Post-Presidency The GOP’s ability to throw sand was nil in Mr. Obama’s first years. Democrats held massive congressional majorities, and the president marginalized Republicans instead of co-opting them. He…

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A Poor Guide to The Future

A NYT article, The Debate About America’s Best Days  about Robert Gordon’s The Rise and Fall of American Growth sounds like another academic pontificating how our best days are behind us.  Reminds me of economists from the 1970s and early…

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A Government of Laws

from Karl Rove in the Wall Street Journal, Clinton is Already Vowing to Overreach: This is no small matter. “The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive and judiciary in the same hands,” James Madison warned in Federalist 47, “may justly be pronounced…

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Demonizing Voter Intergrity

from The Wall Street Journal, Hillary Plays Dirty as Her Numbers Drop by Carl Rove: excerpts: “Republicans are systematically trying to stop millions of American citizens from voting,” she tweeted last week, a reference to GOP efforts to pass state…

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