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Addicted to the Devil

from Thomas Donlan at Barron’s, What Went Wrong in Kansas Americans want government like they want services generally: “faster, better, and cheaper.” But economists know there’s a problem: The optimistic ones say, “Pick any two”; the pessimists say, “Choose one.”…

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Work Works

From The Daily Signal, These States Added Work Requirements for Food Stamp Recipients: Here’s How It’s Working Out by Nathan Mateer and Rachel Sheffield: Maine, one of the most proactive states in reinstating work requirements for food stamps, saw its caseload of able-bodied…

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The Beast Is Us

from National Review, Kevin Williamson, Starving the Beast in Kansas: Unserious men promise to Starve the Beast and balance budgets by eliminating “waste, fraud, and abuse,” the formulation relied upon by, among others, Donald Trump, 2016’s poster-boy for terminal unseriousness.…

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