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The Appeal of the Apolcalypse

Kevin Williamson at National Review addresses the zero sum thinking in The New New Malthusians: excerpt: For well over a century after Malthus’s death, variations on his prophecy — that growing human populations would eventually overwhelm the world’s natural resources,…

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Are Humans Problems or Solutions?

from Robert Tracinski in The Federalist, What the New York Times Didn’t Learn from Paul Ehrlich’s Population Bomb Fizzle excerpts: But the story is way more interesting than that. In 1980, Simon and Ehrlich made afamous bet about the future prices…

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An Educated Lack of Vision

One of the reasons I am skeptical of global warming/ climate change apocalyptic scenarios is  that throughout history such predictions have almost always proven wrong. Thomas Malthus (1766- 1834) was actually correct when he suggested that population growth would be…

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