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Doubling Down on a Losing Hand

This is the narcissism of minor differences.  We will react more strongly to disagreement within our tribe than a greater threat from outside the tribe. Sunnis and Shiites; Catholics and Protestants.

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Pelosi is not The Problem

From Jonah Goldberg at National Review, Politics Enters the Fast Lane: Oh, there is one point I want to make about Nancy Pelosi, other than the fact that she always looks like she just left a Ludovico treatment session and…

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Resisting the Resistance: What Jon Ossoff Proved

by Henry Oliner The Democrats are 0 for 4 in recent state elections, losing in Montana, Kansas, South Carolina, and Georgia.  They bet big on Georgia’s sixth district and had hope they could win, proving that Trump’s victory was a…

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Rage is Not a Strategy

There is a short fable about two men walking in the jungle when they come face to face with a large tiger. One of the explorers quickly but quietly unlaces his boots and proceeds to put on a pair of…

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