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A Permanent Stain on Their Party

“If this is the new standard, then every racist thing Donald Trump has ever said about immigrants is immune to criticism because he can claim he was just encouraging “openness” and “conversation.” As Dean Phillips, a fellow Democratic freshman (and moderate) from a nearby Minnesota district lamented to Politico, “suddenly an entire party is being branded by the perspectives of two of its members [Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] who represent 1 percent of the caucus.”

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Understanding Republicans

from John Podhoretz at Commentary The Truly Forgotten Republican Voter But the truly forgotten Republican voter never bought Trump’s new outfit. I mean the Republican person who believes in limited government and a strong national defense and some kind of

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Obama’s World

from John Podhoretz at The New York Post Apparently we should get on a boat and leave America ASAP: The two candidates for the Democratic nomination spent most of two hours arguing over who was the better diagnostician of the moral diseases,

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A Victim of Their Own Demonization

In The New York Post, Why Romney Romped by John Podhoretz, 10/5/12 Excerpts: After months and months of media portrayals painting him as a vicious plutocrat who tortured his own dog, cut a gay kid’s hair in 1965 and made

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