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Lies that Matter

from The Wall Street Journal, Trump, The Press, and he Dictatorship of the Trolletariat: But few journalists have appreciated the degree to which Mr. Trump’s entire political and governing strategy depends on trolling them. They’ve mostly assumed his penchant for

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Gruber’s Conflict of Interest

from Gruber’s Pathetic Congressional Testimony in The National Review by John Fund: Despite his constant memory lapses, what can we fairly deduce from the role of Jonathan Gruber in Obamacare? A person who advised the Congressional Budget Office in a formal capacity

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Politicizing Crime

John Fund writes in The National Review, Injudicious Criminal Justice in Florida The prosecutorial misconduct in Zimmerman’s trial reveals a judicial system run amok: Excerpts: Recall that the investigation of Trayvon Martin’s shooting was taken out of the hands of

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Unions’ Dirty Little Secret

John Fund writes in The National Review Online, If Walker Wins, What Are the Lessons? 6/4/12 A Walker victory will expose for all to see the dirty little secret of the power of public-sector unions in America: It depends on

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