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Ideas Will Remain

from Jeff Jacoby in the Boston Globe,’ I see parchment burning, but the letters are soaring free’ I refuse to excerpt this article. I insist you read it in its entirety.

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Earning Independence

from Bloomberg Kurds Get Closer to a State of Their Own by Eli Lake Excerpt: With Cuba and North Korea dominating the headlines, Americans may have missed the good news from a corner of the world that has provided very little: Iraq. Kurdish peshmerga…

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A Gun and a Grudge

From Daniel Greenfield at The Sultan Knish, Where the Black Flags Fly Excerpts: About the only reliable source of wealth comes out of the ground and the countries that have it are usually too lazy to get it themselves. That’s…

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The Questions of 9/12

From The Wall Street Journal, Bret Stephens writes The Neo-Neocons: So now liberals want the U.S. to bomb Iraq, and maybe Syria as well, to stop and defeat ISIS, the vilest terror group of all time. Where, one might ask,…

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The Convenient Dead

  From Daniel Greenfield at The Sultan Knish, Are All Dead Children Created Equal? Excerpt: If they genuinely cared about children, they would be at least as outraged, moved and pained by the death of a child at the hands…

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