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Risk Horizons

There are a lot of ways to lose money in the stock market, but far fewer effective ways to make money. Looking at two managed accounts over the same time period, one was far more profitable than the other.¬† One…

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Great Investment Advice

16 Rules for Investors to Live By by Morgan Housel in The Wall Street Journal. my 3 favorites: (all are worthy and valuable tips) Most bubbles begin with a rational idea that gets taken to an irrational extreme. Dot-com companies…

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Inflating the Green Bubble

Studying the financial bubbles we can see several common characteristics. During the bubble inflation we see markets taken to an extreme by financial greed, but as Walter Sowell so appropriately metaphored on the housing bubble, “blaming the crash on greed…

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The Myth of Laissez Faire

The quasi-governmental institutions Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guaranteed¬† mortgages, which Wall Street happily securitized once the credit rating agencies- which had been given a legally protected oligopoly by the government-declared them to be safe investments.¬† Government owned banks and…

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