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Faith in Democracy

“Fascism took root in Europe only in nations where democratic government was relatively new, often scarcely older than the peace treaty that ended WWI. But where democracies had deeper roots and could count on popular legitimacy — as in England and France — fascist movements never emerged from the fringe.”

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Fragile Institutions

“True conservatives tend to have a particular understanding of the fragility of things. They understand that every human institution is, in its way, built on sand.”

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The Attack on Our Institutions

The media, regardless of their descent, should not be our scapegoat. We are too willing to accept wild haired conspiracies rather than our own shortcomings and faults, and we are more eager and willing to demonize an opposing view than even pretend to understand it. Each side denies their complicity; and both are guilty, but that does not make it acceptable. The media is selling outrage, but we are willing buyers.

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