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Financial Observations 08 20 2010

IBM, Johnson and Johnson,  and McDonalds are issuing debt with rates comparable to US government debt and at lower rates than that offered by many foreign governments. What does this mean?  That bond buyers consider blue chip corporations as safe

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O’Rourke on Inflation

“A government can give all the people something for nothing by simply printing more money.  This doesn’t work, because it makes all the money worth less, as it did in Weimer Germany, Carter America, and Yeltsin Russia.  Inflation is a

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A Tale of Two Market Crashes

From Thomas Sowell’s Intellectuals and Society “In short, many things that the Federal Reserve, Congress and the two Presidents did (during the market crash of 1929) were counterproductive.  Given these multiple failures of government policy, it is by no means

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Hidden Inflation

We tend to look at the increase in prices as inflation, but in a situation of fluctuations prices go up and down. What if prices should be going down 3% but instead we see prices increasing 3%.  We see a

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A Sleeping Liquidity Monster

There are a few indisputable changes in our economy. Credit is tightening. Generally this is good because  lending standards, whether to individuals to buy homes, or to real estate developers or other businesses, were way too lax.  Marginal businesses will

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