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Impeachment Afterthoughts

The impeachment seemed liked a hail Mary from the inception, motivated more by rage than reason. That is precisely why the constitution designed the process as they did to start in the House and then move to the Senate.  Rather than viewed as a Constitutional crisis, it should be affirmed as its proper functioning. It does not become a threat to the constitutional order just because you disagree with the outcome.

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Impeachment Thoughts

A moderate Democratic party could have leveraged this impeachment to certain victory in Congress and the Whitehouse. The new radicalized Democratic party will have a much tougher time.

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Thoughts on Impeachment

By using their big weapon early in the campaign, the Democrats will be in weaker position during the campaign. Adam Schiff will be Pelosi’s fall guy; she warned against impeachment before she succumbed to the mob.  And the Democrats will have yet learned the lesson from their previous fiascos: rage makes you stupid.

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Banana Democrats

from Karl Rove in the Wall Street Journal,  The Democrats’ Impeachment Mania By asserting a president should be removed from office over policy differences, Mr. Steyer has done more than trivialize impeachment. He helps move America closer to the tyranny Mr.…

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