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Failure to Accept Victory

by Henry Oliner The first Progressive Era from Teddy Roosevelt through Woodrow Wilson established the regulatory and administrative state and changed the nature of our government. It was tainted by an elitist view of race that used the science of

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Rage is Not a Strategy

There is a short fable about two men walking in the jungle when they come face to face with a large tiger. One of the explorers quickly but quietly unlaces his boots and proceeds to put on a pair of

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The Essence of Identity Politics

from Ed Driscoll and The Rise of the John Birch Left The modern left is built around a trio of laudable principles: protecting the environment is good, racism is bad, and so is demonizing a person over his or her

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The Identity Politics Boomerang

from The City Journal, Trump and the American Divide by Victor Davis Hanson: Indeed, one irony of the 2016 election is that identity politics became a lethal boomerang for progressives. After years of seeing America reduced to a binary universe, with culpable

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Identity Headwinds

Historians refer to the period between 1890 and 1920 and the Progressive Era, but the Democrats frequently and currently use ‘progressive’ as a prefix to ‘Democrat’.  Interviewed by Chis Matthews, candidate Hillary Clinton referred to herself as a Progressive Democrat

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Fractured Identity

We have been a politically fragmented country since its founding. That is the nature of a Federalist republic where power is dispersed and checked, and it is the genius of our constitution. A two-party system requires a coalition of interests,

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