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Taxes and Inequality

If you prioritize economic growth over social spending, you will have a great measure of both: if you prioritize social spending over growth you will have less of both.

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Natural and Positive Rights

Material rights to products and  service that must be provided and paid for by others is inevitably oppressive and usually counterproductive.  The secret to Hong Kong’s miraculous growth was the priority of economic growth over social spending. The economic growth provided the means for greater social spending. Over time if you give priority to growth over social spending you will end up with more of both, and a healthier and more sustainable economy.

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My Political Priorities

But we can not blame Trump for the intolerance of free speech on our college campuses, the intolerance for diverse opinions in many corporations and in the media, and the stupidity of much of the resistance.

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The Hong Kong Experiment

He avoided the accumulation of economic data, believing the cost of accumulating outweighed its value. He felt such data was used to enable economic planning which he opposed, and because it instilled a false sense of certainty about outcomes.  Cowperthwaite governed from principles, not data.

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Managing People Rather than Data

From The Weekly Standard, No Statistics, No Mischief, A modest proposal for the new Fed chairman,  by Andrew Ferguson. Excerpts: John Cowperthwaite. The name is familiar to economic historians, academics in postcolonial studies, specialists in the tax policy of the Far

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